Weirdest Jobs In Each State Including PA!

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According to reports, Aretha Franklin is “gravely ill.” Online news outlet Showbiz 411 says the 76-year-old singer is surrounded by friends and family members, who are preparing for her death.  Details Here!

Omoroso is talking about the White House and here are the many "secrets" she’s heard: President Trump drops the “n-word”.  That Trump is a bigot and misogynist.  She refers to Vice President Mike Pence as the “Stepford Veep.”  Also, that the President refers to Education Secretary Betsy Devos as “Ditzy DeVos.” She believes the president is in “mental decline” and physically unwell.  She believes First Lady Melania Trump is deeply unhappy and “is counting every minute until (her husband) is out of office and she can divorce him.”  Click on the Full story Here! 

According to 24/7 Wall Street,  here are a list of the weirdest jobs per state.  It's pretty interesting.  Check out PA's job!  I would do that!!! In California someone is actually a dog surf instructor, while Florida’s weirdest job is a scuba diving pizza deliveryman.  Other weird jobs include a dog food taster, professional sleeper. HAHA.  Details HERE! 

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