'Halloween' Scores A Terrifyingly Fantastic $78 Million At Box Office

Michael Myers is back. And in a BIG way. The new “Halloween”, which is a direct sequel to the 1978 original classic, launched with a gigantic $77.5 million this weekend at the box office. The film rejoined original director John Carpenter with original star Jamie Lee Curtis. Without adjusting for inflation, this is easily the biggest opening ever in the “Halloween” franchise, and in 3 days, it already outgrossed the entire runs for ALL of the movies in the franchise. 

What’s even bigger? It scored the 2nd biggest opening of all time for an October film, as well as the 2nd biggest R-rated horror opening of all time. It nearly beat the October record (“Venom” holds it with $80 million), while “It” holds the biggest R-rated horror opening with $123 million from 2017.

The slasher franchise has been dormant for a while, so this is a welcome sight, especially for horror filmmakers. I saw the movie twice over the weekend and LOVED it, so I definitely recommend it, especially for longtime “Halloween” fans. 

Meanwhile, “A Star Is Born” was #2 again, with $19.3 million. It’s total now stands at $126.4 million. “Venom” was 3rd place with $18.1 million, with a total so far of $171.1 million. 

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