Sources: NSYNC Staging Comeback As A Quartet

Could it be — an NSYNC reunion? It sure sounds like it, though it appears at this stage of the game, it’d be WITHOUT Justin Timberlake.

But sources tell Billboard to a “prolonged return” as a quartet is becoming more and more of a reality.

Sources tell Billboard that the reaction to Coachella was so positive that “the group and its team is taking a look at a more prolonged return.” Sources add that “talks of a comeback have not accelerated in the week following Coachella and all that all plans are still TBD, Coachella demonstrated that the four other members could rule the stage as a quartet.”

The source adds: "the timing is right."

It sounds like this is actually happening! It would be great if Justin jumped on board, but a tour with at least 4 would still be great! What do you think?

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