Tone Loc thinks Carson Wentz will start this season

Backstage at our Real 106.1 Presents: I Love The 90s Nicole chats with Tone Loc about the Eagles vs. Rams. Tone Loc says “I’m waiting for Wentz to get back in there and start quarterback.” Do you agree?! 

Being back on tour, Tone Loc discusses the differences in touring now vs. touring in the 90s with the addition of social media. How does it feel using Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to interact with your fans? “It is very strange I must say. Because like you said, it was not out there. It’s weird because a lot of times you have people come to the back or in your dressing room and they start filming you out of nowhere… so that part I do not like. But the part of, you know, tweeting and doing the other things, I wasn’t into it and I hired somebody to do it for me. But I’m starting to kind of get into it now.”

Although you may think of Tone Loc as a rapper, he explains that he has many fans for a VERY different reason, “When I was younger as well, I made like movies, little Disney movies, and I did the other movies like Blank Check or you know certain movies I did. And the kids who grew up watching those movies, they don’t even look at me as a rapper they’re like “Hey you were that guy who was in that movie or did the voice over for that.” So they look at me as totally an actor now. Which is funny!”

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