Yako has earned a reputation in the radio industry as someone who brings a fresh dynamic sense to any radio show or day part, keeping the audience engaged with up-to-date content and delivering aesthetic appeal to audio entertainment.


He began on air regularly at the age of 15 in Orlando, Fla. By the age of 19, he went viral with his dynamic personality and ended up, at the age of 21, in the #1 radio market, New York, talking to the biggest audience in the radio industry and ushering in the huge explosion of Latin urban music to the mainstream outlets.


The talents carried by this individual have given him the ability to dominate all of the day parts assigned by a radio station from mornings to evening drive.


Yako loves music and image production. His favorite past times include the occasional game of poker, theological literature, running, strength training and meditation at the beach. A strong cup of coffee (or two or three) are not out of the picture.