MTV Celebrates 37 Years!!!

You can check out Headlines & Hollywood every weekday at 6:05, 7:05, 8:05am!

MTV premiered TODAY AUGUST 1st back in 1981!

Penn State frat member gets house arrest over pledge's death.  Ryan Burke pleaded to 4 counts of hazing and 5 alcohol violations.  He also has 27 months of probation, fined him more than $3000 dollars and 100 hours of community service.  Details Here!

Phillies fans brag into an EAGLES chant on Fenway Park! Check it out Here!

Mount Airy Lodge is offering Peanut Butter and Jelly hot dog! But, you have to ask for it since it's not on their main menu.  Details Here!

Finally R-Bombing is a new dating trend where you read the message someone sends you and you know they have read it and you don't reply!   


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