New Study Says Dogs Are Not As Smart As We Think They Are!

Well, this is kind of earth-shattering! All these years, we thought that dogs were even smarter than humans, but apparently that may not be the case after all! A new study in the Learning & Behavior journal suggests that dogs just aren’t as smart as we thought they were!

The study looked at dogs, and compared them to a bunch of different animal species, such as wolves, cats, dolphins, pigs, and more — and found that dogs do NOT have any extra special skills that the other species don’t have. The study even says, “we conclude that dog condition does not look exceptional.”

HOWEVER, in the study, they looked a lot of different ways to evaluate intelligence, and in some of them, dogs did do better than other animals. But we are kind of shocked to find out that dogs aren’t all-around that much smarter than other animals! This is earth-shattering! HA!

Check out more info HERE!

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