Tennant Shocks Internet With Very Strict Rules She Got From Landlord

When you sign a lease to rent an apartment or a home it isn’t uncommon for a landlord to have a set of rules they expect tenants to follow, but someone has just shared the ridiculous list of tenant rules they recently received and it’s bound to make you wonder if they ever actually rent out their place. 

Jessica Marteny from North Carolina shared the “terms and conditions” she received from her landlord on the Facebook group “awful roommates: roommates from hell,” and she certainly got quite a reaction. Some of the demands were understandable, like s keeping noise levels down, keeping the place clean and not taking drugs on the property, but then things got a bit extreme. 

Other conditions included:

  • No drinking alcohol in the house
  • No guests in the house
  • Rides must stop at the end of the drive way, and they can’t linger or it would be considered trespassing
  • No cooking in the house between 9:30 pm and 6:30 am on weekdays, and 9:30 pm and 9:30 am on weekends
  • No adjusting the thermostat if cold 

If those requirements weren’t crazy enough, the landlord also added that the home was under 24-hour surveillance, including “IR [infrared camera] during the night.”

As you can imagine, folks on the forum were shocked, with the post receiving 450 comments, including “Is this guy renting a prison cell,” as well as “this person should not be a landlord.” And another person had some good advice for Jessica noting, “Do. Not. Live. There. Pretty sure this guy's got at least one body in the basement.”

But not everyone came down on the landlord, with one person noting, “'I don't know, after reading some of the stuff that goes on, it kinda makes you wonder what that dude has been through with roommates," adding, "Seems like he's trying to cover things that have been issues before.”

Source:Daily Mail

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