Show Biz Buzz 7/10: 'Breaking Bad' Booze, Babs and A Back-Off!

WATCH the Show Biz Buzz below!

It's time for the Show Biz Buzz! Well, I told you last week that former Breaking Bad stars Bryan Cranston seemed to be hinting at a movie based on Breaking Bad, but what were the actors really working on? Well, a new brand of Mezcal, a mexican liquor! Yesterday, Cranston, of course, went to Instagram to share the story behind their new booze and he said they had the time of their life shooting Breaking Bad, but turned to a new project searching high and low through Mexico until they found the Mezcal in a tiny village, and named it Dos Ombres! Needless to say, fans were really disappointed writing things like 'biggest lead down in history', 'disappointed', 'hyped up for nothing', though some fans did seem happy about the collaboration. Paul and Cranston are thrilled to be working with each other again, even though it's not on screen and it's making booze!

Barbra Streisand won't travel anywhere without her dogs! She took her 3 dogs on her 10,000 mile round trip flight to watch her perform last week in London when she performed at that British Summer Time Festival! No expense was spared for the pooches - they had a free roam of her dressing room, they were pushed around in a buggie, and they were scored at security! You know 2 of those dogs are actually clones of her previous dog!

And finally, Meghan Markle stepped out alongside 2 of her friends at Wimbledon to see her pal Serena Williams play but security said no pictures - don't even point the camera in her way! Many people think that that wasn't right, but many think well that's the way the royals act - it's a family tradition.

And news broke overnight that longtime stage and screen actor Rip Torn died at 88 years old at his home. He won an Emmy for playing Artie in the Larry Sanders Show.

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