Valerie Knight's Show Biz Buzz Interview With Chef Marc Murphy

In my next chat, I talked to Marc Murphy. Marc was globetrotting before the age of 12! Listen to find out why.

Marc has made appearances on Iron Chef America, Guy's Grocery Games, Beat Bobby Flay, Unique Eats, The Best Thing I Ever Ate, The Best Thing I Ever Made, Rachael Ray and Today, and of course Chopped.

And now he has an IHeart podcast: Food 360 with Marc Murphy. Some topics include Running a Restaurant, Perfecting Pizza, The Magic of Menu Making, Finding Flavor. he talks with the food experts about all of this yummy stuff. .

Marc and I talk about his new podcast, his stint on Chopped, pizza, Philadelphia, and more. Click below to listen, and fins my Show Biz Buzz interviews on I Heart podcasts. Click below to listen...

Marc Murphy

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