High School Teen's Memory Resets Every 2 Hours After Accident

This story is pretty shocking — and very sad. An Illinois teen has her memory reset every two hours, ever since an accident at a high school dance when a student crowd surfing accidentally kicked her in the head.

Now, every morning when she wakes up, she believes it’s June 11th - the day she got the injury.

It’s still a medical mystery as well, with numerous seizures and hospital visits turning up not much. Doctors dismissed it as a concussion initially and didn’t think much of it.

To help remember everything, Riley cares around a notebook, textbook, and pencil with her throughout the entire day. She has to take very detailed notes, take photos of them, and set an alarm for every two hours so she can brush up on what she forgot.

Riley and her family are hoping for a better medical diagnosis, and soon.

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