Philly Cancels All Big Events Through February 2021 Due To Coronavirus

This is major breaking news for Philadelphia - NBC10 reports that the city of Philadelphia has cancelled all large-scale events through February 28, 2021, due to the Coronavirus.

That would appear to mean no Mummers Parade, no Broad Street Run, no Thanksgiving Day parade, and many, many more.

NBC10 reports that City spokesperson Deana Gamble confirmed it this morning that "large public events through February 28, 2021 will not be permitted." More details are expected at today's 1pm Philadelphia COVID-19 daily press conference.

Officials didn't immediately reveal exactly which specific events would be cancelled, or what capacity would be considered a large public event, but more details are expected today at 1pm.

UPDATE: The new ban relates to any gathering over 50 people. See below & more info here.

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