'Big Brother All-Stars' Cast Under Fire For Mocking Autistic Housemate

"Big Brother All-Stars" contests are under fire, getting criticism after new video from the live feeds shows a group of them appearing to mock Ian, a houseguest who is autistic. (Ian also is a previous winner of "Big Brother" as well.)

In a video of houseguests Christmas, Dani, Nicole, and Memphis hanging out with Ian, they appear to start cruelly mocking his self-soothing technique of rocking back and forth. They even added "it turns them off."

Dani was also caught on the feeds saying she "can't even look at Ian sometimes" because his "constant movement" stresses her out - and Nicole agreed with her. Christmas and Memphis even jumped in, as Memphis says Ian is like the "red rum" of the house. Memphis continues to say that he has nightmares of Ian standing over his bed, and the rest of them laugh.

This is not the first time 'Big Brother' has hit hot water, as past seasons, including last year, included allegations of racist and misogynistic behavior.

Check out the video below.

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