We Bleed Green..But Decided Not to Go To The Eagles Game

We are huge Philadelphia Eagles fans, season ticket holders, my husband Frank and I. Just look at this picture of us at the Linc last season. There's nothing like being at the game! You can feel it. The electricity is palpable, good or bad!

So it goes without saying that each Fall, after many years of tailgating and then taking our seats in Section 103, this season, this year of 2020, this year of the pandemic and not going to the games live, has been strange and bizarre. Curse you corona virus!

But this Sunday, they are letting 7500 people come in to Lincoln Financial Field for the game....team, staff and fans all counted in the group, when the Birds take on the Baltimore Ravens at 1pm. And even though we had a chance to buy tickets yesterday, because of our season ticket holder status, after careful consideration, and lots of opinions from other fans and folks, we decided not to go. We decided to stay home and watch on TV. We decided to remain vigilant about staying well, and err on the side of caution this time. We felt it was the right thing to do for our safety and the safety of our family.

But along with so many other fans, we are always there. Fly Eagles Fly!

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