Love Is Just As Real If You Found It On A Dating App

There's no reason to be embarrassed if you find love online, because a new study says love is love, no matter where you find it!

Lots of people hear "Tinder" and "Bumble" and all they think of is hook-ups and and casual sex, but not real love. But it's not so!

From the New York Post , a study from The University of Geneva looked at 3,245 Swiss people, and finds there is “no differences between couples initiated through dating apps and those initiated elsewhere regarding relationship and life satisfaction.”

There were more discoveries, too. The study also notes that apps helped more couples from different backgrounds find love.

These apps helped promote a “mixing” of “high educated women and lower educated men." How about that? And here's another very interesting stat....if you’re a man looking to find someone to start a family, dating apps may be the place to look. The study noted women who matched with partners on apps had “stronger fertility desires and intentions than those who found their partner offline.”

It turns out wherever you can find IS love.

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