If You Can Cook, You Can Get Lucky!

When it comes to finding love, a lot of people say the thing that many people say attracts them the most is a person who can cook! I concur, as my husband Frank is a master in the kitchen. In fact, he created all of these dishes in the picture, and I ate all of them. Yes, there's a lot of love in the kitchen around here..

So the top thing is not personality, looks or a sense of humor, but a culinary creator.

A new survey finds that 63% of people feel this way, beating out:

  • Someone they can trust (62.59%) (a CLOSE second)
  • Someone who makes them laugh (57%)
  • Intelligence (51%)
  • Someone they respect (49%)
  • Someone who’s honest (47%)
  • Someone who's kind (43%)

Cooking is so important to some, that 72% of people say they’d be more interested in a person if they loved to cook, and it would be a big turn on. In fact, it's so popular that most people using dating apps say they’ve mentioned their love of cooking in their profile hoping it will help them attract more matches. And a lot of people have even tried to improve their cooking skills hoping to impress a potential mate. 

So get cooking, or good luck finding someone who can get cooking, and maybe you can lucky, too.

Happy Eating and Happy Valentine's Day

Photo: Valerie Knight's table

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