The Girl Who Put Gorilla Glue In Her Hair

Tessica Brown of Louisiana had a BIG hair care mix up. She grabbed a can of Gorilla Glue spray adhesive and went to town on her hair. She thought it was regular hairspray!

The result was horrific. Her hair became a helmet, she couldn't penetrate it, and her social media videos about her dilemma got millions of views, as people became obsessed with her predicament.

Do you roll your eyes, or feel bad about this? It turns out reaction to her mistake was mixed. There were plenty of laughs at Tessica's expense, while a lot of people felt bad, as the comments section of her viral video became little summits to offer her help, with people trading all the adhesive solvent tips they could. But Tessica was in such distress, how could you laugh at her?

People do all kinds of things for attention, and some are saying that's what Gorilla Glue Girl did. We've all had a similar experience, though, and grabbed a can of something, thinking it was something else, right? SomeTikTok users pointed out there is a line of haircare called "Moco de Gorila" with a gorilla on the packaging, and Tessica's hair spray is called "Got 2b Glued." Who knows?

Tessica Brown went to the hospital to try to remove the glue, which begs the question...why would she do this on purpose?

She had her long ponytail cut off. A Beverly Hills surgeon offered his services, for free, to help her un-Gorilla Glue herself and after a four-hour-long surgery, Tessica's head is glue-free. Dr. Michael Obeng used medical-grade adhesive remover, aloe vera, olive oil and even acetone during this painful surgery.

Brown has gotten plenty of love and plenty of shade, and really got a lot of reaction on her glued hair nightmare.

So, this story is about social media and the tendency to exaggeration, augmentation and manipulation. It's also about mistakes, cultural beauty standards, the consequences of one's actions....and a test of empathy for all.

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