Stanley Tucci's "Searching For Italy" Is A Big Hit

Stanley Tucci has one of the hottest shows on television right now. His six-part travel documentary, "Searching For Italy," already renewed for a second season, is drawing rave reviews!

Last night Tucci visited Bologna, and had the best "Spaghetti Bolognese'. Some say the city of Bologna is the best food city in Italy. When I visited there I had the best lasagna I ever ate. But really, all regions have delicious food and culinary offerings that are native to their region, and wherever you go, the food is scrumptious, as Tucci shows each week. He's already been to Naples, the Amalfi coast, Rome, and last night Bologna. Homemade pasta is everywhere!

I have traveled to Italy many times and wherever I've eaten, well, I don't ever remember a bad meal in Italy! I cannot wait to return.

Stanley Tucci: Searching For Italy’ airs Sunday nights on CNN at 9. Tucci, the Academy Award-nominated actor, narrates, co-produces and stars in the show. Ashe discovers the food in each area, he also shows how it is tied to the history of Italy. It's so good!

This Sunday March 7th, Tucci, an Italian American on both sides, eats and drinks his way through Milan. The following week he's off to Tuscany, where he used to live. Mangia, Stanley Tucci!

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