Getting Dumped On The Jumbotron!

Last week at an Akron, Ohio RubberDucks baseball game a guy dumped his girlfriend on the jumbotron scoreboard! This poor girl who got thrown to the curb must be feeling just awful and totally could this guy do this?

Well, he did it, in a very public way.

We’ve seen guys PROPOSE to their girlfriends using the jumbotron at baseball games, but just the opposite happened here.

During the usual “Fan Shout-Out” segment on the big screen, this harsh message flashed: "Alyssa, this relationship is OVER,” and it was signed "Tim." The very public dumping cost Tim a whole $5.

The RubberDucks' creative services coordinator said when the message was read it got quite a reaction. He said: "The crowd went pretty crazy, and were pretty loud." Hopefully with boos! (There would have been booing in Philly!) And this guy also said it's not the first time the jumbotron has been used to dump someone.

The RubberDucks have not heard from either the dumper of the dumpee, Tim and Alyssa. But they believe the dumping was very real. Ouch.

Photo: Getty

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