Would You Get High With Your Grandma?

It used to be that you would hide getting high from Mom and Dad and the rest of the family, but cannabis is legal in many states now, so there's not as much hiding any more. . .A new poll says so, and says some folks are now more than willing to enjoy it with their families! Some Thanksgiving it could be, huh....

Anyway, The Americans and Cannabis Consumption Survey says 60% of cannabis users say they would happily get high...even with their grandparents! Here are some other surprising findings:

58% of American see cannabis as the future of pain management, 64% of cannabis users say they use it for relaxation, 43% use it as a sleep aid.

While half of Americans say they’ve never consumed cannabis, 28% of those who do say they do it daily. And in what form do they partake? 52% prefer it in gummy form, 39% prefer to smoke it. There are more surprising stats in the survey, click HERE to read them all. Happy consumption!

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