Gary Jonas Jr., President / Principal, HOW Acquisitions

About Gary Jonas, Jr.

A graduate of LaSalle University, Mr. Jonas began his career in real estate by learning the mortgage business, while refining the art of structuring a win-win deal. Mr. Jonas joined forces with two colleagues to establish Advanced Mortgage Concepts, where he served as president for 10 years. While overseeing the activities and growth of Advanced Mortgage Concepts, Mr. Jonas began a quest to revitalize blighted properties in the city of Philadelphia - where he was born, bred and educated. This venture rapidly grew into The HOW Group, a highly respected real estate firm that focuses primarily on urban real estate development/acquisitions, construction, property management, real estate and lending. As President of The HOW Group, Mr. Jonas focuses primarily on the acquisitions and development activities; and hires top-notch personnel partners to handle the operations.

Active in the community, Mr. Jonas gives back to the industry and city in which he lives and works. An active industry speaker, Mr. Jonas also serves on the Boards of the Building Industry Association (BIA) of Philadelphia, Big Brothers of Philadelphia and Drexel Area Property Association (DAPA). He is active in several community organizations. Mr. Jonas is Chair of the LaSalle University Real Estate Affinity Group and a Member of the Business Association of Mantua. Mr. Jonas graduated from LaSalle University with a degree in Finance. A proud graduate, he supports LaSalle University, and other universities in the city of Philadelphia, by providing internships and employment opportunities for recent graduates.

Gary Jonas, Jr. Interview

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